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About Us


BOBEC ENGINEERING Limited is a wholly Nigerian owned engineering, consulting and training company that designs, install, build and maintain innovative industrial products and services for its clients. Since our establishment, we have provided world class technical solutions to engineering problems. We are experts in what we do and have proffered solutions in the area of electrical installations and maintenance, industrial automation, factory rehabilitation, repairs services, procurement, consultation and training..

service-01To provide a professional engineering services with strict quality and safety controls in order to create value for our clients.

service-02To be the world class industrial expert and the leading provider of quality and safe engineering services.

service-03The company was originally a sole trader business founded in 1990, who is now the Director at Mr. Handy. Aim has always been to provide a professional and best service.

Mr. Handy has a growing Task force years, covering the Exterior Cleaning Maintenance in varying in sectors.


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